Name: FENWICK ISLAND Type: menhaden fishing trawler
Date Sunk: 12/07/1968 Cause: foundered in storm
Size (ft.): 125 ft. Tonnage: 230 tons
Propulsion: Location: N34° 36.238'/W76° 29.449'

Diving Depths: 50-65 ft.
Current: None to moderate
Visibility: generally in the range of 10 to 30 feet
Summer Temperature: mid/lo 70s during the summer
Points of Interest: intact fishing trawler
Fish/Animal Life: Black sea bass, spadefish, baitfish, amberjacks…the usual inshore species; I have also seen a very large manta ray on this wreck -- about 15 feet across in about 10 feet of viz! The first time it swam over me, I thought I had met my maker!
Description: This is a small fishing trawler which lies completely intact on its port side. This wreck can be difficult to find and hook because it seems to sit in a bowl or depression with the prevailing current running over the hull and keel; the wheelhouse cabin, fishing hold and deck areas are in the lee of the prevailing current. They can be relatively uncovered or sanded in depending on what sand the storms have moved around recently. Inspite of low viz, the wreck is easy to naviagate and given its small size and shallow depth, it can be circumnavigated several times within a dive. This dive can be hit or miss, depending on current and viz. It is worth a shot every year or so. It doesn't get visited much and you certainly won't see any of the crew boats there very often.

Copyright © 2001 by Paul M. Hudy
Keel, rudder and propeller shaft Stern end of cabin
Stern Forward cabin area Former porthole resting place Looking down length of the cabin
Diver inspects the bow Engine/Stack area

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