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Unless specifically noted otherwise, all items on are copyrighted material belonging to Paul M. Hudy and are not "free" or in the public domain. If you would like to use items from the pages, below are the terms and conditions:

BFDC Blacklist of Bogus Wreck Diving Websites

Below are a list of websites that have used copyrighted or other material from without permission or without attribution, often claiming photos, drawings, written word or in even "experiences" as their own. In some instances, they have ripped-off entire pages - formating, content, etc. If you find other sites that may be using copyrighted or otherwise "ripped-off" material from without permission or without proper attribution, please report them to

If you or your site is on this list and you want to get off? Easy, take down the offending pages and materials, send an email to and after my confirmation, you will be removed from this list.


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