Name: SAN DELFINO Type: Tanker
Date Sunk: April 9, 1942 Cause: Torpedoed by U-203
Size (ft.): 463-0 x 61-0 x 33-0 Tonnage: 8,072 gross
Propulsion: Twin diesel engines Location
July 2006: The latest saga of the wreck "identity" investigation presents a scenario which blows-up a number of decades-old wreck locations and identifications. The hypothesis of this chapter is that the W.E. Hutton site is really that of the Ario. And the site of the Papoose is that of the W.E. Hutton. So where is the wreck site of the Papoose? In this hypothesis, it is the wreck site previously thought to be that of the San Delfino, well north of Hatteras over 50 miles a way. And the San Delfino? It is the located at the site locally thought to be the Mirlo, another large tanker sunk by the U-117 during World War I. The new location of the Mirlo is yet to be identified.
W.E. Hutton
453-0" x 56-0" x 27-3" — Sunk: 3/18/1942
Papoose — 412-0" x 53-4" x 25-8" — Sunk: 3/19/1942
Ario453-0" x 56-2" x 27-1" — Sunk 3/15/1942
San Delfino —  463-0" x 61-0" x 33-0" — Sunk: 4/9/1942
Mirlo — 425-0" x 57-0" x 33-0" — Sunk: 8/16/1918
Only the recovery of a definitive, identifying artifact and further investigation will prove whether this hypothesis holds.